• It is a Renewable, Sustainable,
    and Endless Energy Source
  • Geothermal
    It is a Renewable, Sustainable,
    and Endless Energy Source


Indigo Geothermal, an Indigo Group company, focuses on the Cappadocia region, one of the most important cultural tourism regions of Turkey, and where geothermal energy sources are located.

Indigo Group believes that the Cappadocia region is one of the most significant regions in Turkey in terms of geothermal energy, and since 2008 we’ve been putting our efforts into the development of luxury thermal tourism, electricity production from geothermal energy, and the utilization of geothermal energy for both heating and for greenhouse-based agricultural activities.

As a result of its sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly, and dependable nature, geothermal energy is perfectly compatible with the geographical make-up of the region and with INDIGO GROUP’s vision. We believe that the Cappadocia region will become a shining example of thermal energy usage for the whole world.



Around 100,000 hectares of our 31 registered fields in Cappadocia, acquired in 2008, underwent careful geophysical inspection and the results combined with specific resistance values, geochemical data, gravity values, magnetic and MT data to produce maps with active fault lines marked on them. Gradient drilling was carried out on those marked fault lines. The information acquired showed that most of our 31 registered fields in Cappadocia contain enough hot water and steam for electricity production, greenhouse-based agricultural activities, thermal, and health tourism purposes.

Furthermore, it was discovered that some of our fields actually contain reserves of 99.9% pure carbon dioxide.




At the beginning of the 21st century, both worldwide and in Turkey, energy demand rose as a result of rapid technological development. With petroleum and natural gas dwindling, yet still the most significant sources of energy, the importance of clean, green eco energy has increased with each passing day. Currently, a large portion of Turkey’s underground wealth, especially geothermal energy potential, remains undiscovered.

Geothermal energy has significant advantages because:

  • It is a renewable, sustainable, and endless energy source
  • It represents a chance to provide domestically produced energy, with Turkey having plenty of unrealized geothermal energy potential
  • It is clean and eco-friendly, with a near zero emission level since there is no combustion involved
  • It provides ideal conditions for multipurpose heating applications for housing, agriculture, industry, and the like,
  • It does not depend on meteorological conditions like wind, rain, or sunshine
  • It is ready to use
  • It is much cheaper than fossil fuels and other energy sources
  • It is exploratory shafts can be readily and directly transformed into energy production sites or re-injection sites if & when required
  • It is safe, with no risk of fire, explosions, or poisoning
  • It possesses an above 95% efficiency level
  • The area required for production is much smaller compared with other energy sources (hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind or fossil-based energy)
  • It is exporting–importing is not affected by factors like international business cycles, crises, or wars as it is completely locally based
  • It is much easier to use in residential areas since there are no transportation issues.